Welcome to Bogor Mountain Biking

We are a collective group of mostly Bogor based individuals who are passionate about mountain biking and want to share the beauty of the Indonesian countryside with others. Beginning as a personal hobby, then developing into an eco tourism activity, Bogor Mountain Biking aims to introduce new comers to Mountain Biking through a safe and fun experience for all members of the family. Our experienced Bike Guards will take you through some of the best biking areas around Bogor where you will see local villages, rice fields, pineapple and vegetable farming, tea plantations and more. Progress and development is quickly encroaching on these pristine areas. Come for a bike tour while they still exist.

Mountain biking is possible for all ages and abilities. Since BMB specializes in packages for beginners, some of our success stories are turning teenagers, housewives, and executives into excellent mountain bikers. Mountain Biking is not only good for body and mind (assisting with all around exercise and body conditioning, critical thinking, overcoming fears) but also good for your soul. Nothing can give peacefulness like the still beauty of nature, the fresh air and cool winds, the breathtaking landscapes, and smells, sounds and sights of rural Indonesian life.

Come and explore Mountain Biking with us. Our motto is “always a happy ending”. For those who are experienced cyclers and would like some challenge, let us custom make a trek for you consistent with your desires. For a good complete overview of Mountain Biking, the types of riding surfaces, and the kinds of equipment used see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_biking.

Local Mountain Biking Communities

For more information about mountain biking in West Java, recent tours, events, contact these local Mountain Biking Communities:
Brown Sugar Mountain Biking (Cianjur, West Java) fondanugraha@yahoo.com
H4 Mountain Biking Community, Jakarta
Indonesian Mountain Biking Community www.mtb-indonesia.com
JPG (Jalur Pipa Gas), Mountain Biking Cross Country Community, Jakarta
Sukabumi Bicycle Community (SBC), Sukabumi, West Java

Bogor Trivia

Bogor is a city of 60 km south of Jakarta. The population is estimated at 3 million people. There are various names to refer to Bogor; Buitenzorg, and Kota Hujan (Rainy City). Surrounding Bogor are a series of Mountains (Gunung) and hills (Bukit) some of which are Gn Salak, Gn Halimun, Gn Gede, Gn Gelis, Gn Mas, Gn Pancar, and Bukit Sentul. Common places for Bogor Mountain Biking is at an elevation 1400m above sea level.

Flora and Fauna along the trek

Bogor is the home to many environmental NGOs with an emphasis on wildlife, protecting forests, conservation, and sustainable agriculture. The state agricultural university (Bogor Institute of Agriculture- IPB) is located in Bogor as well as the internationally famous Bogor Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Bogor). Watch this column for shared postings from some of our neighbors on the unique plants and animals you might meet while mountain biking.